August 30 2018

Empty Coruña? Summer school studio starts with design research based on Action Network Models. Lectures by X.M. Perez Rios and X.L. Martínez followed that presented the case for systems thinking in urban studies: “Unha mirada ao baleiro: urbanismo e pensamento sistémico.” The team embarked on a trip to Mino – a case study of abandonment 40 miutes from Coruna. The architect mayor of this, Ricardo Sánchez, led us through the vast and mostly empty development Costa Mino and gave a lecture on counter measures to real estate speculation and the broader scale of emptiness which affects many municipalities in Spain. Javier Harguindey shared his insights on the causes of the crisis through a short in-situ lecture in the Centro Social of Mino. Anxo Abraia followed up with a lecture on local currencies with the proposition to stimulate and support local economies.

Hans-Christian Rufer, Scott Lloyd, Coruna 2018