September 03 2018

Empty Coruña? summer school started its second week. We started the day with in-situ lectures in the historic city center of Coruna by experts in the fields of economy: Anxo Calvo (Director, Facultade de Economía e Empresa, UDC), Antón Arias (Former President, Confederación de Empresarios de Galicia (CEG)), Marcelino L. Fernández Mallo (Economist and Writer), Roberto Castro Tomé (Urban Economist, Arquia Banco). Continuing in the studio, students worked directly on their action network with these experts to integrate economic and legal processes in their models. Manuel G. Docampo (Professor, Departamento de Sociología y Ciencias de la Communicación, UDC) gave a lecture on agency, object and processes. Javier Harguindey (Professor, Departamento de Proxectos Arquitectónicos, Urbanismo e Composición, UDC) presented his work on emerging forms of digital mapping and data visualisation. Closing off the day the students engaged in a sociological role playing event to learn about agents and process regarding access to affordable housing lead by Estefanía Calo (Researcher, Grupo de Estudos Territoriais (GET), UDC and Professor, Universidad de Extremadura) and Estefanía Tarrío (Sociologist).

Hans-Christian Rufer, Scott Lloyd, Coruna 2018