September 04 2018

The second day of week 2 kicked-off with a lecture by community group Proxeto Cárcere featuring Tono Gálan Fuertes and Laura Sanchez Fernández. The two joined the studio team for Action Network Model reviews. Iago Carro from Ergosfera presented the work of his collective on urban research and artistic interventions: “Procesos Urbanos”. The presentation covered work at a range of scales from surveillance camera documentation to graphically mapping urban transformations. Students continued with research and studio work with desk critiques from Carro, and architecture PHD candidate David Pereira Martínez, who is currently researching contemporary notions of value in common building culture. Closing out the day, students set-up the studio space for cross project exchange through a series of dual presentations and feedback sessions. Jose Antonio Seoane (Dean, Facultade de Dereito, UDC) joined the critiques and guided discussions on ethics and the complex expectations and obligations of private and public property actors.

Hans-Christian Rufer, Scott Lloyd, Coruna 2018