September 05 2018

The last day of the design phase of the Empty Coruña? Summer School started with an in-situ lecture at the harbor in front of the brand new but mostly empty Cantones Village Complex. Luz Paz Agras (Profesora, Departamento de Proxectos Arquitectónicos, Urbanismo e Composición, UDC) talked about her work with the art collective Cadelas Verdes and their Spanish Dream project that was featured in the 2016 Venice Biennale. Luz discussed the phenomena of abandoned houses after the economic crisis and the potentials for architects to embrace a facilitator role. Placido Lizancos (Profesor, Departamento de Expresión Gráfica Arquitectónica, UDC) talked about his research and efforts in introducing new methods for architecture education.
In the studio work on the action-network models continued. Inputs by Santiago López (Profesor, Departamento de Construción e Estruturas Arquitectónicas, UDC) and Hilda Cuba (Profesora, Departamento de Construción e Estruturas Arquitectónicas) introduced the ecological aspects of the discussion on empty buildings, such as co2 footprint and life cycle analysis. The day concluded with group presentations in the evening, where students presented and discussed all 7 projects communally.

Hans-Christian Rufer, Scott Lloyd, Coruna 2018