September 07 2018

Second day of the production kicked off with lots of printing and re-printing of layouts.  Scale shifts in the models were made. Reprinting and testing the bitmap dithering continued. Editing and defining new actions with the XMind Zen diagram software. An informal visit by Xiao Varela (Councilor, Rexeneración Urbana e Vivenda, Concello da Coruña) reiterated the municipal interest in the research project and potentials of an applied pedagogical method. Parallel to the studio work, the former jail of Coruna was handed over from the current custodians (Proxeto Cárcere) to the research team. Spaces were cleared out, tables were primed and installed for the following days exhibition opening of the students work. The curatorial layout was finalized to compliment a selection of works from the photographic series Spanish Dream and a customized entrance ramp to the space designed and constructed by Recetas Urbanas.