Scott Lloyd

Scott Lloyd is an architect and ETH researcher. His work focuses on the impact of architecture form and processes on urban generation and the development of alternative legal, ownership and economic models for urban land readjustment. He currently researchers and teaches with the Urban-Think Tank. He is a member of the design research group TEN.

Architect, MSc Arch ETHZ

Hans-Christian Rufer

Hans-Christian Rufer is an independent architect and ETH researcher. His independent work, research and teaching focuses on alternative neighbourhood development, the relevance of the cooperative housing model for future housing as well as design for adaptive reuse of industrial spaces. At ETH, he has taught and researched with Dirk Hebel, Urban-Think Tank and Atelier Bow Wow.

Architect, MSc Arch ETHZ

Prof. Dr. Placido Lizancos

Plácido Lizancos is a senior professor and researcher at Universidade da Coruña Architecture School (ES) where he teaches Architectonic Analysis (since 1993). His work focuses on critical habitation and citizen spatial rights. He has conceived and implemented pedagogical formats for international development at A Coruña Architecture School and completed various commissioned studies on vernacular and popular habitat conditions for the Galician and Asturias governments.

Architecture Professor
University of Coruña

Dr. Estefanía Calo

Estefanía Calo is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Coruña. Her main lines of research are centered on Urban Sociology and Territory and in particular on: housing, residential needs, residential policy, housing and territory, and city and mobility. She completed a doctorate on the theme of the residential system in Spain: the components, operation and needs for housing in 2015.

Sociology Professor
University of Coruña

Research coordinator

Sonia Beltrán

Graduate architect from the University of Coruna, she is currently studying a second degree in Architectural Rehabilitation (UDC). Along with her student representative role at the university, she is a member of the Kaya Clínica field work team in Mozambique, where she was engaged in a three month advocacy project dealing with the issues of the right to housing and land title.

Architect, UDC