Research #3


Luz Paz Agras
A Coruña, April 2018


About Spanish Dream today 

Spanish Dream was a project of reaction to the crisis, a kind of catharsis of three architects that were not able to understand the role of Architecture in this new context. Headlines about macroeconomic factors invaded our daily life: “Bricks in the both sides of the Atlantic”, “Mortgages fall dramatically in August”, “If real estate burst…”, etc. We were questioning us about the real impact of this terms in society.

After mapping informally some of these processes of unfinished constructions in Galicia, we built scenes of life occupying the premature ruins. The result was some images that works with contrasts between life and ruins, desire and disappointment, dream and nightmare…

The most impressive result of this project was the press repercussion and the interaction with people. From the first time, when it was exhibited in Santiago de Compostela in 2012, audience was engaged with pictures, identifying the expression of a situation that has a physical impact in our landscapes but also an emotional one in society.

Architecture and Architects were an active part of these processes and now, the profession is suffering consequences, not only in terms of lack of work, but also facing a reformulation from a critical point of view.

Spanish Dream acts as a testimony of this moment, as a first step to take consciousness of its dimension, but it is time to face reality with analytical tools to identify factors that are behind these white elephants to approach effective answers.